SSK&W is a partner of CEE VC Summit 2023 to be held in Warsaw on March 28-29th 2023! Szymon Syp and Iga Wojtczak-Opala from SSK&W will participate in the summit!

CEE VC Summit 2023 is the invitation-only 2-days event for 200+ GPs and selected LPs to strengthen regional relations, exchange valuable insight, and bridge the gap with more mature VC ecosystems.

The speakers will include inter alia:
Philipp von dem Knesebeck, Managing Partner, Blue Future Partner
Bakhrom I., Partner, Molten Ventures
Ewa Chronowska, CEO, Vestbee & General Partner, Next Road Ventures
Mike Brennan, Partner, Finch Capital
Tomas Pacinda, Partner, KAYA VC
Karolina Mrozkova, General Partner, Credo Ventures
Daniel Tomov, Partner, Eleven Ventures
Szymon Kwiatkowski, CFA, Investment Manager, InnoEnergy
🌈 Borys Musielak, Founding Partner,
Alexandre Seran, Hellen’s Rock
Wojtek Walniczek, Partner, OTB
Merve Zabci, General Partner, Logo Ventures
Elemér Eszter, Managing Partner, Impact Ventures
Christian Lautner, Managing Partner, Heal Capital
🎯 Pawel Maj, Head Of VC, Warsaw Equity Group
Esat Acar, Vice President, 500 Emerging Europe
Maciej Cwikiewicz, CEO, PFR Ventures
Paulina Skrzypinska, Chief Innovation Officer, BNP Paribas
🚀Michal Rokosz, Partner, Inovo Venture Partners
Marcin Laczynski, Partner, Next Road Ventures
Monika Rozalska-Lilo, AWS
Marton Medveczky, Investment Director, Flashpoint

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