SSK&W law firm advised the long time Client –  Open Innovation by YouNick Mint – a leading Polish VC fund and co-investors on their investment in nCage Therapeutics.

The advisory services included the preparation of co-investor due diligence reports, nCage Therapeutics legal due diligence report and negotiation of transaction documentation.

The law firm worked closely on these issues with the fund’s team – in particular with the Head of Legal Paweł Pałasz.

The transaction on behalf of YouNick Mint was led by Aleksander Kłósek – managing partner with the support of Rafał Roszak – also managing partner.

nCage Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company developing innovative synthetic VLP platform technology to develop vaccines against infectious diseases and deliver drug conjugates and second-generation antibodies (ADCs). The funds from the investment will be used to develop its own innovative synthetic platform based on virus-like particles, which in groundbreaking experiments on animals has demonstrated its possibility of being used to produce both new generation vaccines and innovative drug carriers.

More about the transaction in Polish:

Once again, we would like to thank SSK&W law firm for the support of the YouNick Mint fund (operating in the Open Innovation model). WWe appreciate the commitment and hard work of its lawyers – comments Aleksander Kłósek – managing partner of the fund.

Open Innovation by YouNick Mint is a fund managed by business practitioners in healthcare and industry 4.0 that have been cooperating with each other for years. The size of the fund is PLN 57 million. The fund has made several investments, including Bluekey and Intelliseq.

SSK&W provides services to VC funds when investing in technology companies (as part of pre-seed and seed rounds and subsequent rounds, including preIPO), as well as when exiting the investment.

The picture was uploaded from the nCage Therapeutics website – we encourage to visit its website –

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