2022 was a record breaking year for SSK&W law firm based on the number of tech deals we advised on.

Altogether we advised on 41 deals!

See below our short summary:

– 26 /41 deals included advisory for the investors (investment funds), so that we mostly advise investors on tech deals, including:

7 deals for bValue VC (including transborder deals in the UK, Romania and Germany); 6 deals for Atmos Ventures (including transborder deals in Czechia, UK and Ireland) and 5 deals for CofounderZone (including transborder deals in Estonia and Romania);

– 13/41 deals are still confidential, because investors and the companies decided not to disclose the market (and competitors) about the raised rounds/transaction;

– 5 /41 deals included M&A deals – they included sale of 100% or majority stake in the company to strategic or financial investors;

– 11 /41 deals were of transborder dimension and included other than Poland jurisdictions such as: UK, Ireland, Germany, Czechia, Romania, Estonia, Lithuania and USA;

– 22/ 41 deals included tech companies that have already raised financing before;

– 14 /41 deals included convertible debt alike financing;

– 22/41 deals included coinvestments (more than 1 investor was involved);

– 25 M EUR – is the highest amount of financing that was made to the tech company involving a deal where we advised on;

– 8 deals we advised on only in January 2022 (due to the fact that we have not manager to close a few of these in December 2021);

– 1 week – the fastest deal we closed in one week from being instructed to closing the deal;

– 11 months – was the longest deal that we advised on (from Term Sheet to closing).

How are we going to perform in 2023?

We currently advise on 5 tech deals which shall be closed in January/February 2023, so 2023 will be also busy from the very beginning for SSK&W law firm.

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