SSK&W once again advised Frothstop (an Australian family company) this time on acquisition of the majority stake in Revolmatic. Thanks to the transaction Forthstop is now controlling Revolmatic (see our former advisory re Revolmatic 1 and 2).

Revolmatic is a manufacturer of fully automatic draught beer dispensing system built to solve the problem of big queues in public events. The company’s system offers a fully automatic tap machine with touchscreen controls and an automatic cup dispenser where the rotating table positions the beer cups directly under a tube that fills the cup with fresh beer controllable with an app via smartphone or tablet, enabling caterers and event organizers to access a convenient and fast beer dispenser for their events.

Todd Meredith – the President of Frothstop- comments: We are grateful that SSK&W developed and implemented the legal construction that enabled us to take the majority stake in Revolmatic.


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