SSK&W law firm advised Fidiasz ASI on its co-investment with NCBR Investment Fund ASI into HiProMine.

The legal advisory included the preparation and negotiation of transaction documentation as well as a legal due diligence of Hipromine S.A.

SSK&W worked closely on these topics with the fund’s team – Krzysztof Domarecki – President and founder of Fidiasz ASI and Sławomir Borkowski – Investment Director.

We would like to thank SSK&W as a law firm that has coordinated the work of various entities with different operational dynamics and different operating models – comments Krzysztof Domarecki – President of the Management Board of Fidiasz ASI.

More about the transaction in Polish:,hipromine-sa-(2-2022)-zawarcie-umowy-inwestycyjnej

HiProMine was established in 2015. The company focuses on an innovative, proprietary technology of industrial insect breeding and the use of their biomass for the production of alternative feed materials (protein, oil) and organic fertilizers on a European scale. The company’s offer is aimed mainly at the pet-food market and feed for fish farming, as well as livestock. The company has full vertical integration of the production process – from its own genetic material to the final product. Production takes place in a modular model, which makes it easy to scale. HiProMine is the only entity in Poland and one of only a few in Europe offering products of insect origin in industrial quantities.

Fidiasz  ASI is a Polish investment fund, created by Krzysztof Domarecki, founder of the Selena Group and co-creator of its international success.

NCBR Investment Fund ASI is a co-investment venture capital fund belonging to the National Center for Research and Development – an executive agency of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. The fund specializes in investments in enterprises that are in the growth or expansion phase, commercializing the results of research and development works.

SSK&W provides services to VC funds when investing in technology companies (as part of pre-seed and seed rounds and subsequent rounds, including preIPO), as well as when exiting the investment.

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