Video Game Law

SSK&W comprehensively supports entities operating in the video game industry.

SSK&W comprehensively supports both individual creators as well as development studios and publishers, including the largest companies in this sector listed on the WSE.

In our practice, we combine business experience and practical knowledge, including knowledge of the video game industry gained in in-house work for entities from the video game industry.

Advocate Dr. Angelina Stokłosa, as one of the very few legal advisors in Poland, has been constantly cooperating with the video game industry since 2015.

Key services within the specialization:

  • Comprehensive support in the preparation and negotiation of production (development), publishing, distribution, and licensing agreements, contracts with subcontractors (outsource), based on Polish or foreign law
  • Comprehensive advice on structuring game distribution processes
  • Advising on the selection of the optimal employment model within an organization / group of companies, representation in the field of labor disputes
  • Comprehensive legal care of trademarks, including registration of trademarks in Poland and abroad
  • Brand protection
  • Advising on competition protection and consumer law in the light of national and EU regulations
  • Representation in disputes (pre-trial and court) involving a production studio / publisher – including IP protection, IP transfer, non-performance or improper performance of a contract with a subcontractor, publisher, licensee, etc.
  • Comprehensive legal support in the processes of obtaining financing (searching for an investor, IPO, SPO processes, EU co-financing).
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