SSK&W law firm advised Atmos Ventures on its co-investment with Tera Ventures and Lightouse into fintech 4Trans.

4Trans has secured a €18 million investment from backers including Atmos Ventures, Tera Ventures, and Lighthouse. Impact investment fund management firm based in the UK, Advance Global Capital has also extended a revolving credit facility to the firm. It is worth mentioning 4Trans will expand into Poland and will made expenditures there.

The legal advisory included the negotiation of coinvestor agreement and transactional documentation.

SSK&W worked closely on these topics with the fund’s Managing Partner – Hadi Solh and Jaroslav Ton – CEO of 4Trans.

Hadi Solh comments: We are very satisified with SSK&W law firm performance. They did good job while advising us on this deal.

More about the transaction in English:

4Trans provides financial products for small and medium sized companies operating in supply and logistics – an industry that is currently poorly served by financial services. Businesses are able to protect their finances by securing payment for their invoices up front via 4Trans AI driven factoring service. By using data analysis and automation, 4Trans is able to do instant risk modelling and, as the service is fully digitalised, customers can receive payment of invoices of any size in five minutes. This is in contrast to the three month average for invoice payments.

Atmos Ventures mission is to invest in world class founders, who are motivated to solve the world’s most challenging issues, through the use of cutting edge technologies and a data driven approach. Atmos backs innovative teams that have cracked complex scientific problems, entrepreneurs who have commercialized their expertise, companies that are indispensable to their clients and management that understands the markets they serve.

SSK&W provides services to VC funds when investing in technology companies (as part of pre-seed and seed rounds and subsequent rounds, including preIPO), as well as when exiting the investment.

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